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At the LCF, you can either sign up for a suitable level of Lindy Hop or for the Collegiate Shag track.

Registering with a partner requires both participiants to sign up for the same level or track and to fill out their own registration forms. Registering as a couple will only be complete once both partners have registered during all stages of the registration period (Early Cat / Wise Cat / Lazy Cat).

Registering without a partner is only possible beginning with the Wise Cat phase, starting on the June 16, 2017 until registrations are closed. We want to ensure a good Lead – Follow balance, so we treat registrations with a partner with a higher priority. We also reserve the right to install a waiting list if there are too many applications for one role in one level.

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Track - Lazy Cat: EUR 120

Sorry, but Lindy Hop - Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced and Advanced are sold out!

Attention: Registrations of single follows for Collegiate Shag will be put on a waiting list.

Collegiate Shag - Intermediate/Advanced


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I do not want lunch on Saturday (EUR 0)I want lunch on Saturday (EUR 9)
I do not want lunch on Sunday (EUR 0)I want lunch on Sunday (EUR 9)
Please inform us about food allergies, special needs and food preferences in the comment section at the end of this form.

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