All the Cats Join In: Workshop Weekend Spring 2020

  • March 21 – March 22, 2020
  • with Sam & Blake (USA)
  • 3 classes of Lindy Hop: Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced and an all level class
  • Party with The Absinthe Cats


    Sam found lindy hop in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she quickly fell in love with the improvisation and joy of the dance. She has since continued the entire gambit of dance: she teaches at several local dance schools, organizes events such as The Switch Workshop, and travels all over for a chance to dance until the early hours of the morning. Sam loves to incorporate silly playfulness, “psychic” partnership, and you-know-every-beat-in-this-song-don’t-you musicality in her dancing. Coming from humble beginnings of gathering in random hallways and learning through YouTube videos, her dance teaching often emphasizes the tools needed for how to learn and how to take inspiration from an idea and make it your own. Her lessons are crafted to emphasize partnership, connectedness, and having a blast while dancing. You can find her leading and following out on the social dance floor ’til the end of the night despite having to wake up early for her job as a high school teacher.
    As a naive Southern California college student, Blake discovered swing dancing with a whimsical New Year’s resolution to try learning the dancing he saw in Swing Kids. Little did he know, SoCal was one of the world’s largest scenes, with a rich history and dozens of the world’s best dancers and instructors. The jitterbug bit him hard and he developed a relentless obsession for Lindy, Balboa, and Collegiate Shag. He’s since gone on to win in a variety of international competitions (ILHC, Camp Hollywood, Lindyfest) and taught around the world in places like Europe, Korea, Japan, Australia, and the US. In his free time, Blake loves to study vintage dance clips. He has a deep reverence for the original dancers and loves to teach classes that focus on particular styles and techniques they used. As an instructor he also focuses on imparting his values of partner connection, tasteful musicality, and developing beautiful basics. While he certainly loves to dance like a ham in a jam, he finds it much more fulfilling to share a simple, deeply-connected social dance with a like-minded partner.


12:00-15:00Lindy Hop Intermediate/Advanced11:00-12:30Intermediates and up
15:00-17:30Swingin' at the Schauspielhaus
16:30-19:00Lindy Hop Intermediates
21:00Party with The Absinthe Cats at Volkshaus
    Venue for all workshops: City Dojo, Luthergasse 4, 8010 Graz


    Lindy Hop Intermediate

    Your feet start to twitch and move when you hear Swing music and you already made the first steps on the dance floor? In this level the basics will get a deeper focus to make the experience on the Social dancefloor even better. For this level you should be dancing Lindy Hop for at least half a year and participate in classes and workshops at regular intervals.

    Lindy Hop Intermediate/Advanced

    Lindy Hop became a part of your life and the Socials are fixed dates in your calendar? On this level, moves are becoming more challenging, variations and musciality are only waiting to be discovered! This level is just right for all Swing-oholics, who regularly participate in international festivals and still want more. For this level you should be dancing Lindy Hop for at least 2 years and participate in classes and workshops at regular intervals.

Registration and prices

Registration and prices

    • Lindy Hop Intermediates and Intermediate/Advanced on Saturday, March 21: € 25*
    • Lindy Hop Intermediates and up on Sunday,
      March 22: € 20*
      * + EUR 10 membership fee (to be paid once in your lifetime)
    • Free admission to the party

    Each workshop must be registered separately!

    Registering with a partner requires both participiants to sign up for the same level and to fill out their own registration forms. Registering as a couple will only be complete once both partners have registered. We want to ensure a good Lead-Follow balance, so we treat registrations with a partner with a higher priority. We also reserve the right to install a waiting list if there are too many applications for one role in one level.

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  • Saturday, March 21
  • 21:00
  • bring your own booze!
  • live: All Jazz Ambassadors
  • Volkshaus -Bildungsverein, Lagergasse 98a, 8020 Graz)
  • Free admission to the party
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