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Workshop Weekend 2023 – Registration

2./3. December 2023

Jenna & Nejc


Lindy Hop: Easy, Hard & Invitational Level
Balboa: Easy, Hard & Initational Level

if you want to attend a workshop combination not created for registration, please book the classes separately.

Registering with a partner requires both participiants to sign up for the same level and to fill out their own registration forms. Registering as a couple will only be complete once both partners have registered.
We want to ensure a good Lead – Follow balance, so we treat registrations with a partner with a higher priority. We also reserve the right to install a waiting list if there are too many applications for one role in one level.

Please fill out the registration form below completely.

Derzeit gibt es keine Workshops zum Anmelden. | Currently we have no workshops open for registration.