Balboa Cats Weekend

Balboa Workshop Day

  • May 24-26, 2019
  • Graz, Austria
  • 2 levels of Balboa
  • Trainers: Ines & Anna (GER), Tiphaine & Rudolf (AUT)
  • Parties with live bands
  • Registration starts on April 11, 2019


Anna PorzeltInes Wyst

Ines Wyst & Anna Porzelt (GER)

Ines and Anna’s principal goal in class is to empower follows to dance (instead of follow only). Their second goal is to make them learn how to lead…
In their classes back home in Berlin everybody leads and follows no matter the gender – and that changes the whole story: Together they enable Follows to bring as many ideas into the dance as they come up with – and the relaxed Leaders to be able to follow and build up on them. They want to offer reliable technique for joyful social dancing. Instead of teaching moves they suggest concepts of movements and how those could be altered according to the music – and personal taste: Anna & Ines strive to make their students trust in their own bodies’ ideas and enable them to pursue them instead of censoring. ‘Cause they want to see happy individuals finding and expressing their genuine personalities at the dance floor – right from the start. And that’s why they especially love to teach beginners…

Tiphaine Wolfsgruber-Paillard and Rudolf WolfsgruberPhoto credit: Embarquement Swing Lille

Tiphaine & Rudolf Wolfsgruber-Paillard (AUT)

Rudolf and Tiphaine have joined forces to spread their love for Balboa in 2012. Rudi is known in the swing world for his creative enthusiasm, playful improvisation, and solid technique, and Tiph for her elegant flow, smooth connection, and sound quality of movement.
Social dancing has always been a main focus of theirs and you can frequently spot them on various dance floors around the world. They also compete and regularly end up in finals and on the podiums.
Together, they strive to push their limits, perpetually improve, share their passion, and hopefully inspire and infect their students with the Bal bug.

Time Table


20:00 -Party at Swing Café

10:00 - 10:30Registration
10:30 - 11:30Audition
11:30 - 13:30Classes for both levels
13:30 - 15:00Lunch Break
15:00 - 17:00Classes for both levels
20:00 -Party TBA

11:30 - 13:30Classes for both levels
13:30 - 15:00Lunch Break
15:00 - 17:00Classes for both levels


Gitan Esprit
  • Start: 20:00
  • Postgarage Café, Dreihackengasse 42, 8020 Graz
  • Free admission!
  • Live Band: Gitan Esprit
  • DJ: Foxhole
Prohibition Stompers
  • Start: 20:00
  • Location TBA
  • Free admission!
  • Live Band: Prohibition Stompers
  • DJ: Ango

Workshop Levels and Audition


To get a balanced level within the classes, we will have an audition before the actual classes start. During the audition 2 groups will be formed for the levels Intermediate and Intermediate-Advanced. The Audition is mandatory so please be on time.


This workshop is for Balboa dancers who have a solid understanding of the basicl. You should have at least participated in a Beginners and Improver Workshop with The Lindy Cats or similar equivalent workshops. It is required to know the basic moves of Pure-Bal and Bal-Swing (Up & Down Hold, Come Around, Throw/Toss Out Lollies, Out-And-Ins, etc.) and a good feeling for faster rhythm.


This workshop is for Balboa dancers who are confident in their basics and love experimenting with variations. Balboa has become a part of your life and the socials as well as the occasional festival are fixed dates in your calendar. You should have solid knowledge of the basic moves (Come Around, Throw/Toss Out, Out-And-Ins, Ad-Libs, Lollies, Swivels, etc.), their technique how to vary them and a good feeling for fast and slow rhythm.

Registration and prices

Registration and prices

  • Registration opens on April 11, 2019
  • Intermediate (8 hrs on 2 days): EUR 60*
  • Intermediate/Advanced (8 hrs on 2 days): EUR 60*
  • * + EUR 10 membership fee (to be paid once in your lifetime)
  • Free admission to the parties


  • Workshops: City Dojo, Luthergasse 4, 8010 Graz
  • Friday Party: Postgarage Café, Dreihackengasse 42, 8020 Graz


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