Terms and Conditions

Collegiate Shag
These terms and conditions apply to all workshops, workshop weekends and other events (“events”) organized by the Lindy Cats, which are subject to registration. By registering for an event, a participant shall be deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions.


Only members of the Lindy Cats are allowed to participate in the events. Non-members may state their status upon registration and become a member through the payment of a one-time membership fee of EUR 10. This membership does not terminate with the end of the event and the registration to upcoming events does not require an additional payment.

Waiting lists

We aim to provide a good balance between the number of leads and follows, thus, if there is a far larger interest in one role than in the other one, we will put further applicants for that role on a waiting list. Once the balance between leads & follows has been adjusted again, applicants on the waiting lists will be contacted about the opportunity to join in.

Registrations as a couple or rather two persons registering as lead & follow are exempt from this waiting list and can register anytime, as long as there is room in the workshop.


The Lindy Cats want to ensure a good learning environment for all participants of their workshops. Therefore, we change our dance partners in all our workshops. Our groups are based on the assessment (self-assessment or audition) of the dancing skills. If necessary, the teachers may move people to a different workshop level (either higher or lower).

Changes, cancellations & disclaimer of liability

The Lindy Cats always endeavour to carry out events in the form and scope advertised. Where unforeseen circumstances lead to the cancellation of individual items on the programme or the entire event (for example, cancellation of a trainer or band due to illness), the Lindy Cats will endeavour to provide replacement.

The Lindy Cats accept no liability for event-related expenses such as train tickets, hotel rooms and the like.

The following applies to all Lindy Cats events (as workshops, workshop weekends and the Lindy Cats Festival, etc.). If you cannot attend the workshop after paying your fee, we will refund

  • 100% of your fee, if you cancel until 3 months before the event starts
  • 80% of your fee, if you cancel until 2 months before the event starts
  • 50% of your fee, if you cancel until 1 month before the event starts

Within 1 month before the starting date of the event, we will not be able to provide any refund.

Event rules

The Lindy Cats assume no liability for participants’ personal items and items of value. Participants must be aware that the risk of injury at dance events can never be excluded. The Lindy Cats assume no liability whatsoever for any injuries. However, in order to minimize the risk of injury, the participants are obliged to exhibit considerate behaviour on the dance floor.

By registering for an event by the Lindy Cats, participants grant permission to the Lindy Cats for photographic and videographic documentation, and for the use of the resulting photos and videos for the purpose of advertising. The Lindy Cats grant participants the right to take pictures and videos of events. Video recordings of workshop summaries, performances and competitions may be used for private purposes only – publication on social media (e.g. on Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) are prohibited and could result in criminal prosecution.

The Lindy Cats reserve the right to exclude a person from an event without delay and refuse to refund any fees paid in case the participant violates the event rules above.