Lindy Cats Festival

  • Oct 13 – 15 2017
  • Graz, Austria
  • Lindy Hop on 3 levels plus one Collegiate Shag track
  • International teachers
  • Workshops on Saturday & Sunday
  • 3 parties with live acts – get your free party-pass until Oct 11! (Party-passes are included for workshop participants!)
  • Workshop registration is open
  • Please note: Lindy Hop – Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced and Advanced are already sold out!


Egle and Arnas

Egle Nemickaite & Arnas Razgunas (LIT)

In the Shag as well as in the Lindy Hop track Egle & Arnas are gonna make the Hep Cats dance…

Coming straight from the heart of Lithuanian Swing Dance scene, partnered up from the very first dance Arnas & Eglė are dancing, performing, teaching and inspiring the community at hoppers’ dance studio in Vilnius everyday. Passion and joy for Lindy Hop & Collegiate Shag gained their name as international instructors in regular small workshops around Europe, specially in Poland, where along with SWINGOUT.PL community they inspired Collegiate Shag scene in Warsaw and all over the country. Rich experience in teaching every day classes grants quality and fun with clear explanation of their material by expressing swing music and yourself in it. Arnas & Eglė are the organisers of the one and only Balboa & Shag festival in Lithuania – Swing Paradise.
Diana and Felix

Diana Geisler & Felix Berghäll (AUT, SWE)

Technique and cool moves are Diana’s & Felix’ responsibility in the Lindy Hop as well as in the Shag track…

Diana started her dancing career in her home town Vienna, where she co-founded a swing dance project and teaches regular classes and workshops. She is a social dancer at heart and travels frequently to international swing events. The dynamic of Lindy Hop and Shag as well as the idea of energetic social dancing with strong partner connection form the fundament of her dancing. Developing a sensibility for your own body, as well as your dance partner, and a playful approach to musicality are the top ingredients of her individual style, as well as her classes. As a teacher, she hopes to inspire others by suggesting a framework of shapes and rhythms.

Felix is a swing dance instructor, performer, choreographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Like any other swedish dancer he started in the swedish competition scene. He started at the age of nine and with bugg as his main style. One year later he took his first basic six count step in Boogie Woogie and has since then never stopped. At the age of 16 he made his first visit to Herräng Dance Camp in Sweden and fell in love with the African American social dances of the swing era such as Lindy hop, Vernacular Jazz, Charleston and Tap. He has since then tried to inspire and learn everything that he can and develop his skill of dancing, music and teaching. He wants to pass on this knowledge to people all over the world. He is a strong believer of the freedom and the authentic style of the dance and the connection you create with your partner and the music. He sees swing dancing as a way to bring people together and bring happiness in to their life. Because when he dances that’s is all he can think about and express. Pure happiness!

Jana and Nejc

Jana Grulichova & Nejc Zupan (CZE, SLO)

There’s gonna be grace and fun in the Lindy Hop track mit Jana & Nejc

From the age of four Jana has been passionate about all kinds of dances. She studied dance at the Conservatory of Prague (Czech Republic) and since then she has continued expanding its training in dance worldwide: United States, Britain, Cyprus, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Hungary and Spain, among others. It has been part of different companies: Zig-Zag Tap & Swing Dance CRASH, Clac & Roll, les Divinas, among others. She is currently a director of Swing Maniacs Dance School in Barcelona, international teacher, choreographer and swing dancer (lindy hop, jazz steps, blues and tap dance). She also works as a choreographer and stage director at the Palau de la Música and the Taller de Musics. She also teaches other dances, such as street dance, jazz and contemporary dance.

Nejc started dancing swing back in 2003 as a result of his contemporary dance experience and a strong love for jazz music. Because of this he became a main culprit for popularization of Lindy Hop and Balboa in Slovenia in the early 2000s. His Swing dance experience is a collection of endless research into different dance forms, many international workshops and his humble willingness to keep learning from anybody who is willing to teach him. He pays special attention to jazz movement and musicality, both equintessential to any Swing dancing.

Petra and Janez

Petra Robek & Janez Sepetavc (SLO)

Fast cat paws! Petra & Janez are gonna take care of that…

Petra started dancing swing in 2007 in Ljubljana. Soon she started going to international camps to further her knowledge about the dance and so she started teaching locally in 2009. She also has international experience, as she taught in Belgium, Hungary and Croatia. She has won and placed at several Jack and Jill competitions at different international swing events.

Janez met swing in 2008 and since the first moment it has become his passion. He started teaching at Studio Dansa, where he still teaches today. He is a social dancer by nature and his favourite award is the Social Dancer Award at Ljubljana Sweet Swing Festival. Petra and Janez became dance partners in 2014.

They are teaching weekly lindy hop classes in Slovenia and at international swing events. Together they won the strictly lindy competition at Sofia Swing Dance Festival 2016. They are also part of Retronom swing group. They are high energy dancers that like fast songs and social dancing.

Time Table


Friday at Volkshaus

19:15-22:00Registration at the Grand Foyer
20:00-21:00Taster class

Saturday at Volkshaus

17:30-18:30Taster, all levels:
Tap Rhythm in Lindy
Taster, all levels:
Switching Sides

Sunday at Volkshaus



DJ Lineup: DJ Alright, DJane Katjenka, DJane Linda Mae Hop, DJ Lord Arnas, DJane Sugarfoot Julie, DJ Swing Heini.

While admission to all parties is free, space is limited due to the venue’s policy. Therefore, if you wish to join up ONLY for the parties, you need to register for a free party pass to secure yourself access!All you have to do is to register for a party pass and collect the ticket at the venue before 22:00 on the first night you registered for. So, if you take a multi-day partypass, you need to collect it only on the first night you registered for. Please note that registration for the party pass is only possible until October 11th.

Tickets which are not collected before 22:00 will be made available to last minute registrations at the door. NOTE: Dancers who participate at the workshops DO NOT need a party pass, their access to the parties is possible all night!


  • Start 21:00
  • Volkshaus, Lagergasse 98a, 8020 Graz
  • Free admission! Please register for guaranteed entry.
  • DJ Lord Arnas & DJane Katjenka
  • Teachers introduction
  • Competition: How Swing-Smart are you?
  • Live: Swingwagon (AUT)
    Ines Kolleritsch – vocals
    Nikola Vukovic – trumpet
    Piotr Lipowicz – guitar
    David Dresler – snare drum, vocals, shouting
    Tin Dzaverovic – double bass
Knigths of Rhythm


  • Start: 21:00
  • Volkshaus, Lagergasse 98a, 8020 Graz
  • Free admission! Please register for guaranteed entry.
  • DJ Swing Heini & DJ Alright
  • Vienna Shag Team performance
  • Fun-Competition: “The Great Cat Switcharoo”
  • Live: Knights of Rhythm (SLO)
    The Knights of Rhythm (SI) is a seven-member band playing dixieland, jazz and swing music from the 20’s and 30’s of previous century, music that was born on steamboats of New Orleans and later moved to Chicago jazz clubs and dance halls of Harlem. In an effort to make their own contribution to reproducing atmosphere of the period and to enrich swing dance scene – mainly because their music is primarily intended for dancers – they walked off the dance floor and onto the stage.
    Tilen Marolt – trumpet, vocal
    Dragan Zdovc – clarinet
    Kristjan Stibilj – saxophone
    Klemen Kopše – trombone
    Blaž Završnik – guitar
    Matjaž Bajc – double bass
    Matija Bartol – drums
The Coquette Jazz Band


  • Start: 21:00
  • Volkshaus, Lagergasse 98a, 8020 Graz
  • Free admission! Please register for guaranteed entry.
  • DJ Lord Arnas, DJanes Sugarfoot Julie & Linda Mae Hop
  • Live: The Coquette Jazz Band (AUT)
    The Coquette Jazz Band loves to play the original transcribtions of the „Golden-Jazz” area. You can find many famous song and
    arrangements by Fats Waller, John Kirby, Bix Beiderbecke or Duke Ellington. They are also not afraid of coming up with their own arrangements, ideas.


Lindy Hop

3 Lindy Hop Levels


Your feet start to twitch and move when you hear Swing music and you already made the first steps on the dance floor? In this level the basics will get a deeper focus to make the experience on the Social dancefloor even better. For this level you should be dancing Lindy Hop for at least half a year.


Lindy Hop became a part of your life and the Socials are fixed dates in your calendar? On this level, moves are becoming more challenging, variations and musciality are only waiting to be discovered! For this level you should be dancing Lindy Hop for at least 1.5 years.


This level is just right for all Swing-oholics, who regularly participate in international festivals and still want more. Complex moves and a fast learning tempo are characteristic for this level… it’s gonna be crazy! For this level you should be dancing Lindy Hop for at least 3 years.

Collegiate Shag

Collegiate Shag Track


Collegiate Shag is one of your favourite dances! You feel very comfortable on the social dance floor and have a good repertoire of moves. In this workshop you will learn new variations and widen your knowledgle and improve your technique. For this level you should have been taking Collegiate Shag-classes and practiced the dance regularly for at least 1,5 years.

Registration and prices

Registration and prices

Registration opens on May 16, 2017 at 18:00 CET.

  • Early Cat (couples only, May 16 – June 15): EUR 100
  • Wise Cat (June 16 – August 15): EUR 110
  • Lazy Cat (August 16 – October 8): EUR 120
  • Optional lunch
  • Free admission to parties. Please register for guaranteed entry.
  • Registering with a partner requires both participiants to sign up for the same level and track and to fill out their own registration forms.
  • Registration form



Volkshaus, Lagergasse 98a, 8020 Graz;
Public transport: line 5 to Karlauergürtel; lines 39, 67 to Karlauplatz.
Parking: the location is in the ‘green’ short-stay parking zone.


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